What you need to know about Hydrosols

The word hydrosol is a latin word which means “hydro” or water and “sol” which means solution. To fully understand hydrosols, you will need to understand a little bit about how steam distilling works. This process helps to isolate the natural compounds in organic materials. The process to make the hydrosol is actually very similar to making perfumes. The goal is to extract the essence of the organic material. What you’re left with is a concentration of nutrients used in skin care and the fragrance which is used in aromatherapy.

The ancient technique of making Hydrosol

Hydrosols are mostly derived from flowers (such as roses or lavender), leaves, roots, and seeds. Usually, this organic material is placed in a large copper vat where heat is applied to water generating steam. Copper is still used to this day because of its superior heat conducting properties. This method has been used for thousands of years and still remains the best way to extract hydrosol.

Steam rises up carrying the natural particles into a tube where it is cooled down with cold water from the outside. The condensed hydrosol drips down into a second container where it continues to cool and condense. The non-essential part of the plant material is left behind.

Hydrosol is better by itself

It’s important to note that essential oils are made from this process also. However, unlike essential oils, Hydrosol doesn’t need dilution into another liquid before applying onto the skin. Hydrosols are safe to apply to the skin as is. Hydrosols are gentle on the skin making this a perfect way to hydrate and cleanse the skin. Hydrosols can also be used as a fragrant body spray or can be added to lotion or tonners.

Hydrosols should not be confused with “floral water.” Floral water is a generic term that usually refers to flowers soaked in water. Floral water does not go through the same process as hydrosol. As a consequence, floral water is not as potent and effective.

Hydrosols are an essential part of an organic skin care routine. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and smelling beautiful.

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