What is the difference between hydrosol and flower water?

Hydrosol is different from flower water. Flower water refers to flowers immersed in water. As for hydrosol water or hydrosol, it is an aqueous solution distilled from aromatherapy plants. The whole natural ingredients are produced by mixing water and plants. Hydrosol is a hydrate, neither water nor essential oil, nor essential oil plus water. It is the incompatibility of oil and water when extracting essential oils. The aqueous solution presented, the real hydrosol and the essential oil have the aromatherapy effect. But it also has its own characteristics that are not essential oils.

Hydrosol is very effective in hydrating, because the molecules of hydrosol are very small, it can penetrate into the dermis layer to replenish water in a few seconds, and use hydrosol to replenish water more gently, which can truly quench your skins thirst. The Damascus Rose Hydrosol, which is distilled from organic Damascus rose, has the best moisturizing effect. It can gently tighten pores, balance the skin pH, and soothe making the skin brighter and more elastic. It is very suitable for dryness and sensitivity. It is used for dry and wrinkled skin.


Why is there a sour taste in hydrosol?

First of all, there are two kinds of pure acid, one of which can be used, and one that can never be discarded. Let’s talk about the kind that can’t be used. This kind of acid will be irritating. If you smell it, you will feel the tingling nose. It is a disgusting smell. If you look carefully under the light, you will usually see some wet tissue that is soaked. If the hydrosol of this condition is broken, it may be infected by microorganisms, which may be caused by improper preservation or poor quality of hydrosol.


Another acid smells natural and even feels fresh and natural. It smells that this sour taste is normal, especially the flowers and hydrosol, which will basically have a bit of sourness. Plant hydrosol is a natural aqueous solution, which is acidic in itself. The hydrosol that has just been distilled is sour, which is a scent of green barley. The sour taste is condensed into every drop of hydrosol by distillation, and the sour ingredient is hydrosol. Aromatic ingredients (aldehydes, acids, phenols and alcohols, water-soluble botanical ingredients, etc.), and after a month or two of alcoholization, the acidity of the original taste begins to fade, the overall smell becomes more layered, and the smell of the plant itself It is even more obvious. It can even be said that if there is a sour taste in hydrosol, it means that this is a symbol of high-quality hydrosol. The more saturated the dew, the richer the content of aromatic molecules, and the more fragrant the fragrance. Some customers may be exposed to hydrosol for the first time, thinking that aromatherapy is very fragrant, but in fact aromatherapy refers only to the skin care effect of the aromatic ingredients contained in the plant itself, and this aroma is not necessarily a favorite aroma. SHABANA uses the natural aroma of the plant itself. All products are never flavored. The ingredients of the essence are extracted from coal tar, which makes the skin susceptible to sunlight, easy to form spots, or cause aroma allergies. Usually the essence will be put into the cosmetics, because most of the ingredients of the cosmetics are chemical synthetic products, most of them have a bad smell, so the essence will be used to cover the cosmetic smell, so the more delicious the cosmetics, the higher chance those cosmetics are from artificial sources.

Excellent natural products do not add flavor, because all the purest raw materials are the best. Use the most natural ingredients to give the product the most natural taste and the best results. Therefore, professionals in the skin care industry and celebrities have begun to pursue a natural skin care routine. As a representative of pure natural moisturizing hydration, hydrosol is popular in the world with its natural and efficient hydrating effect, becoming the first choice for new era hydrating products. If the next time you open the hydrosol and can smell a sour taste, then congratulations, the hydrosol on your hand is very saturated. It is a bottle of high quality aromatherapy hydrosol.

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