Three Anti-allergy Natural Floral Hydrosols

Hydrosol is a floral extract produced from the distillation of plant materials and is a by-product of the production of essential oils. Floral hydrosol is refined to be rich in water-soluble botanical essences. Although hydrosols are mild, they can be a very effective natural skin treatment. It contains water-soluble chemicals and trace elements of essential oils and can be used as a toner without dilution. In addition to its pleasant smell, it’s a powerful skin hydration solution. Different hydrosols are also suitable for most skin types. We will be looking at three popular hydrosols that are essential for calming sensitive skin types.



Chamomile hydrosol contains traces of chamomile essential oils and natural plant extracts. These elements quickly calm and strengthen the skin, eliminates swelling, relieve pain, and soothes skin that is prone to allergies. After cleansing, spray chamomile hydrosol on a cotton pad and gently apply to skin. This can quickly calm the skin after sun exposure, and soothe dry skin. This treatment effects and prevents the formation of melanin blotches and increases the skin’s natural elasticity.

Suitable for skin type: dry and sensitive skin

After sun exposure, dry winter days, exposure to allergens, or even after a facial cleansing, you may experience sensitive skin. To reduce the effects of these harsh environments, use refrigerated SHABANA Moroccan Chamomile hydrosol on the affected area. By applying it cold, hydrosol will increase the effectiveness of calming the skin.


Damascus Rose

Damascus is a type of Moroccan rose. There are more than 7,000 varieties of roses, but there are only two varieties that can truly extract essential oils and meet world standards for the beauty industry: Damascus rose and Chiba rose. The most popular and most used rose in the beauty industry is Damascus rose. Damascus rose hydrosol gives the user a feeling of comfort after use. It has a soothing, moisturizing, and astringent effect on the skin and can also be used as a secondary cleaning product. It is a very mild and soothing hydrosol, which is suitable for almost any skin type.

It has a comprehensive balancing effect. For normal skin, it can enhance skin gloss. For oily skin, it can balance oil secretion. For dry skin, it can quickly replenish moisture. For sensitive skin, it can eliminate red blotches and reduce sensitivity. Damascus hydrosol can enhance dull skin and increase the appearance of a youthful vibrance.

Suitable for skin: all skin types, especially sensitive skin

After cleansing, you can directly use SHABANA Damascus Rose hydrosol instead of toner, or place it in a spray bottle and spray directly onto dry hair. Damascus Rose hydrosol can make hair appear shinier and brighter. You can mix other skin care products with Damascus Rose hydrosol, such as skin care mud used in facial masks. Before using a skin care serum, use hydrosol to ensure a better absorption of the skin care serum.



The ancient Egyptians believed that calendula could delay aging. It was respected as a sacred flower in ancient India. It was used by Europeans in the Middle Ages to treat skin diseases and wounds. The petal of Calendula contains malic acid, which is a natural emollient. This can reduce wrinkles and yellow spots, and make the skin brighter, shinier and more elastic. Calendula contains plant extracts which have a healing and soothing effect. It provides efficient repairing power that calms the skin, soothes redness, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. The antibacterial effects of calendula can regulate acne, help the skin to replenish moisture, and can repair and stabilize sensitive skin texture.

Suitable for skin type: combination skin, sensitive skin

After cleansing, Calendula can be used as an assistant to make-up foundation. Calendula also has a healing effect. When skin is sensitive or is prone to acne, apply a wet cotton pad to the area for 5 to 10 minutes to help repair the skin and reduce sensitive redness. Sudden skin sensitivities can be relieved with a few sprays of Calendula hydrosol while instantly replenishing skin’s moisture.


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