Chamomile Hydrosol 100ml (3.4oz)


100% natural, made in Morocco

Chamomile Hydrosol is soothing and repairs sensitive skin. It can calm the skin quickly and is excellent for dry and itchy skin. It eliminates redness and swelling, strengthens the skin tissue, rebuilds the protective function of the skin itself, and has astringent and purifying effects on acne-prone skin.

✓ Antipruritic (reducing itchy skin), repairs sensitive skin
✓ Anti-inflammatory and calms skin
✓ Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
✓ Reduces anxiety, soothes the mind, and helps with sleep
✓ Anti-allergy. Reduces eczema and psoriasis



Moroccan Chamomile Hydrosol is extracted from organic chamomile by distillation. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. It has a significant soothing effect on the skin. This Hydrosol can repair sensitive skin, reduces redness, reduces swelling and has anti-inflammatory effect. Skin benefits include stronger tissue and increases skin elasticity. Can be used to repair the skin around the eyes, it can also reduce acne and enhances skin resistances to further damage.

Chamomile Hydrosol effect
1. Reducing itching, reduces sensitivity, repairs sensitive skin. Chamomile is rich in flavonoids, has anti-oxidant properties, anti-angiogenesis, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral effects
2. Reduces burns and irritated wounds, reduces red marks created by acne, strengthens skin tissue, and rebuilds the protective function of the skin itself
3. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Soothes the skin from sunlight and free radical elements. Tightens skin to prevent moisture loss
4. Reduces anxiety, soothes the mind, helps with sleep, eliminates swelling, and reduces dark circles caused by fatigue and lack of sleep
5. Anti-allergic effects, reduces sensitive skin by eczema, psoriasis. It soothes dry, peeling and itchy skin.

How is Chamomile Hydrosol made?
Chamomile Hydrosol is extracted from organic Moroccan chamomile by distillation. During the distillation process, water continuously flows through the plant tissues, dissolving a large amount of water-soluble substances in the plant tissues. The distilled hydrosol is rich in many plant essential oils and herbs. Essence, which usually maintains aromas similar to essential oils, has extremely high levels of active ingredients.

How to use Chamomile Hydrosol?
Use after toning and before essence. Spray evenly on face and pat until absorbed.


Facial toner
It is suitable for all types of skin under normal circumstances. It can be sprayed directly on the face, or dipped with a clean cotton ball used as a lotion or nutrient moisturizer.

Skin care products
Can be added to other skin care base products, such as creams, body lotions, eye creams, cleansing milk, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of the product.

Makeup remover
It can be used as a daily makeup remover and cleanser. It can be used as a second cleansing after washing your face to make clean skin more complete.

In a dry environment, spray on the face and neck, evenly spray on the face and pat until absorbed.

Use after shaving 
It is suitable for daily use after shaving. It helps calm the skin after shaving, refreshing and not sticky.

Sleeping enhancement
Can be used as an air freshener, spray on pillows and bed sheets before bedtime.

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