Morocco known as the “North African Garden” is rich in beauty oil

The land of Morocco is home to countless rare and precious plants, and is therefore known as the “North African Garden”. There is a saying in Morocco that “the country rich in figs, pomegranates and olive trees must be a rich and fertile country.” For the Atlantic coast, the Atlas Mountains and the picturesque Morocco is rich in natural domestic resources.

argan oil

1) Argan Oil – “Liquid Gold”

Nut oil, also known as argan oil, is named after the rare tree species of argan in southern Morocco. It is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree. The processing of argan is very complicated, but it is mainly a natural process. The nut oil has a strong protective and moisturizing effect on the skin and hair. It is called “liquid gold” in the beauty industry. It can be used as a conditioner to moisturize the hair at the tip of the hair, and it is applied as an essence on the face to prevent signs of aging. It is even added to lip balm, armor and other products.

2) Cactus Seed Oil – “Aristocrats in Oil”

Benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Compared with the Argan nut oil called “liquid gold”, cactus seed oil is more reserved and noble. Its origin is from Agadir, a city in southern Morocco. Its effect is even more amazing. The price is several times that of the Argan because it is several times more complicated to produce. Moroccans in Morocco’s older cities, you can often see carts selling cactus fruit. This fruit is colorful, with a unique aroma, and the taste is crisp, but the cactus fruit has too many seeds. Often it is necessary to spit out twenty or thirty brown-colored cactus seeds. Who would have thought of these seeds as an amazing source of beauty oil.

It is said that the discovery of cactus seed oil is from the Berber woman living in Agadir. They extract the seeds of the cactus fruit discarded after eating and apply it to the skin. Later, it was unexpectedly discovered that it can protect fragile skin caused by wind and sand, and significantly reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. As a base oil, cactus seed oil can also be used like Argan oil. However, because it is too precious, it is used in facial beauty. It is especially effective in eliminating fine lines and spots on the face. It is an extremely rare base oil. The world’s top beauty research and development companies have set up research centers in Morocco, including the Moroccan local Casablanca Institute and other research institutions are experimenting with this magical cactus seed oil. One of the most famous tests was a 10-day use test of volunteers. The results showed that 80% of women showed signs of reduced wrinkles. Moroccans can live in such a dry area such as the Sahara desert, and believe that it is also a natural resource.

3) Rose Hydrosol – “The Queen of the Water”


Rose pure dew is also called rose water essential oil. It is a freshly picked rose. It is sealed with salt and sealed into a distillation tank. It is made by separating oil and water. It is distilled and distilled until the essential oil is extracted. It is 100% pure dew. It is a pure rose extract, its composition is basically the same as rose essential oil, with the functions of supplementing moisture, moisturizing, rapid anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-itching, anti-aging and so on. It has a comprehensive balance effect, which can enhance the skin’s luster for neutral skin; it can balance oil secretion on oily skin; it can quickly replenish moisture on dry skin; it can eliminate red blood on sensitive skin, reduce sensitivity, and dark yellow dull skin; It can enhance the vitality of the skin. Almost all skin types can use rose pure dew to reflect the extraordinary beauty effect.

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