Hydrosol helps skin detoxification

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Hydrosol is an aqueous solution condensed by aromatherapy plants. These whole natural ingredients are produced by mixing water and plants. Hydrosols and essential oils have the same aromatherapy effect. Different plants have different curative effects. Compared with essential oils, hydrosol is more subtle and can be used more safely. Usually, the yield of essential oils from plant distillation is very low compared with hydrosol. Hydrosol is very effective at hydrating skin because the molecules of hydrosol are very small and can absorb into the skin within seconds. As it absorbs into the dermis, skin is gently hydrated bringing back its youthful look.

Most of the toners on the market can only reach the surface of the skin. They usually contain complex moisturizing ingredients that may also contain alcohol. Alcohol is volatile. It will feel refreshing immediately after use. However, it is not a long term hydrating solution. It does not solve the problem of water shortage in the dermis and may even make the problem worse over time. It could also cause problems such as acne, redness, and pigmentation.

In the case of particularly dry skin, such as skin dryness in autumn and winter, using hydrosol may cause a feeling of stinging or even redness, but these conditions are normal. Because the skin is dry, some of the stratum corneum (exterior layer of skin) is actually dead. The body’s metabolism will eventually peel this layer of dead skin off, less part of the stratum corneum defense, sudden intense hydration will stimulate the dermis layer, causing redness. It should be eliminated within hours. Toxins in the human body are excreted through the pores. Hydrosol has accelerated metabolism, allowing the toxins in the skin to escape from the pores and help detoxification.

rose hydrosol

Skin allergies usually occur within 24 hours and at the latest within 48 hours. Pure detoxification usually occurs after one week. This may come in the form of acne, redness, dryness, tightness, suede, and small particles. These are normal detoxifications, but usually do not occur within 24 hours. The situation is different, and the symptoms are different.

  • Redness of the skin means hormone excretion
  • Itching means that the old cells have been destroyed and the hydrosol penetrates into the cells for repair
  • Redness and swelling represent the heavy metal substances such as lead and mercury in the skin.
  • Acne represents the presence of dirt or metal residue in the pores
  • Stinging represents a severe water shortage on the surface of the skin with a small gap
  • Peeling skin represents hydrosol is clearing the surface necrotic cells and keratin

If you want to speed up skin detoxification, it is recommended to apply a mask paper and SHABANA rose hydrosol to apply water film to accelerate skin metabolism through natural plant effects. In general, if you can replenish a large amount of water during detoxification, the water will most likely be restored within a week. For a long time of more than a month, if there are acne and small particles, the time may be longer. The number of detoxifications varies from person to person. Many people detoxify 3-4 times. Especially after a severe detoxification, the possibility of subsequent detoxification is relatively small. Detoxification is a difficult process, but as long you persist, it will definitely restore the skin’s luster and health.

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