SHABANA is an Arabic word which means “QUEEN”.

Every woman deserves the best products so she can be the best woman. SHABANA provides the highest quality skin care products. All of our products are made from natural organic ingredients extracted from natural resources in Morocco. For centuries, Morocco has been a center of natural skin care and SHABANA would like to share these resources with the world.

The founders of SHABANA are passionate about travelling and trying what the world has to offer when it comes to skin care. When we find something special, we refine these resources and processes to bring our customers the best nature has to offer in skin care.

We believe that natural chemical free skin care results in the best healthy skin possible. SHABANA does this in a responsible way with the environment in mind. Our products come from renewable sources that have very little impact on the environment. When you are kind to nature, nature will be kind to you.

Our products are FDA and USDA approved. We only use ingredients that are ISO 22000 safety management compliant. We are an ECOCERT recipient.

SHABANA is headquartered in beautiful Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a long history of shaping the beauty industry when it comes to textiles and cosmetics. That’s why we are happy to do business in such a influential city. We learn more about the industry everyday from industry leaders and this also gives us the advantage of being at the forefront of organic skin care and its trends. We love what we do and I think you’ll see that love in our products.

We welcome you to try our skin care products. Get to know your natural beauty.

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