8 Ways to Help Detoxify Skin! Pay Attention to the Tips of Drinking Water!

Skin care is as important as body care. The skin condition and health can be shown from the skin texture. Many people have skin problems in life, such as face acne, uneven skin color, acne, and excess oil. These are all signs that the body’s toxins of the skin are excessive. If you want to improve your skin’s condition, you can’t do it with a bottle of costly and luxury skin care products, but start with the little tips of life and ensure the skin’s metabolism.

The following 8 small life habits can promote skin detoxification, and the skin condition will be improved if you understand it! It becomes smooth moisturised, and dark marks are reduced!

skin problem
Many people have skin problems such as acne, pimples, and oil, which are signs that the body’s toxins implied by the skin exceed the standard.

Skin Detox Method 1: Do not over-maintain

The skin itself has its natural excretion and protection function, which can discharge and metabolize the dirt on the skin. It is recommended to clean and maintain it regularly with products with more natural ingredients. Avoid excessive maintenance and allow the skin to rest appropriately. Applying too many skin care products will also affect its effect. Compared with the “circular movement” of applying essence and cream, it is recommended to apply the skin care products in the hand, and then use the heat of the palm to “tap” and apply it in a “patching” way to more effectively bring skin care ingredients into the skin.

Do not over maintain skin

Skin Detox Method 2: Cleansing in morning and evening

Many people think that the skin is clean when they wake up in the morning. Washing the face with clean water is enough. In fact, the skin will discharge a lot of dirt during sleep. Therefore, you must wash your face with cleansing products in the morning and evening before applying skin care products. It is best to do a deep cleansing twice a week. Cleaning the mask, exfoliating regularly, moisturizing and cleansing facial care can help promote skin metabolism and regeneration, and the skin becomes more tender and smooth.

Moisturizing and cleansing face

Skin Detox Method 3: Reduce Makeup

Daily makeup is a burden on the skin. Skin foundation will block every pore. Do not put on makeup if possible so that the skin can really rest. Keeping the pores open can help the skin breathe and detoxify smoothly. Try not to put on foundation to make skin condition better, just apply a thin sunscreen and concealer can also bring out a good look.

Skin Detox Method 4: Do Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the fastest way to speed up metabolism, perspiration during the process can also facilitate the detoxification process. It is recommended to perform aerobic exercise 2 to 3 times a week, each time of 30 minutes or more is effective, such as: running, swimming, cycling Or skipping rope. Sweating during exercise can also detoxify the skin. Take time out of your busy life to go to the gym. We can get off early on the way to and from get off work every day and walk a short distance quickly; we can skip the crowded elevators and climb as many stairs as possible. Don’t be lazy.


Skin Detox Method 5: Bath

Another method of sweating and detoxification is bathing. Sweating is the most direct way to detoxify the skin, using heat to shrink our pores to make the skin sweat a lot. If in winter or days when you are tired and don’t want to exercise, bathing is best. Bathing can remove the acidic wastes remaining in the subcutaneous tissues. We can add some bath salt to the water to help more thoroughly remove harmful substances, remove waste water, metabolize carbon dioxide and harmful substances in the body, and achieve skin detoxification.

Skin Detox Method 6: Drink plenty of water + Sip

The body has enough water to effectively urinate and expel toxins from the body. At the same time, skin elasticity and moisturization are also affected by the body’s moisture. Supplementing enough water is a basic skin care method, but remember not to take it once when drinking water. Drink too much, about 100 to 200cc each time, so that the body has time to absorb it slowly.

Skin Detox Method 7: Diet Control

The skin can directly reflect the health of the large intestine, so it is indispensable to have a healthy skin. The most important thing is to eat less sugar, because the sugar in food will destroy the collagen in the skin, make the skin loose and lose its elasticity, and it will age faster. . Eat more green foods that clean up the stomach and intestines, which helps to remove toxins from the body and skin.

Skin Detox Method 8: Sleep Time and Rest Time

Many office workers are busy with work for a long time every day. Frequent staying up late and overnight leads to insufficient sleep. 11pm to 1am is the time for liver detoxification, and 1pm to 3am is the detoxification time of the gallbladder. Detoxification work; if you don’t get enough sleep or sleep well for a long time, it will cause skin sagging, dullness, wrinkles and other aging symptoms.

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